Stainless steel wire AISI 631 HARD ACC.TO EN 10270/3


Quality: The presence of aluminium in the analysis associates a great ductility of the wire with the high meachanical characterisitcis of the springs. this quality allows the production of springs with complex shapes. after the heat treatment the springs increase their strenght properties.

Finishing: Soap coated

Diameter: from mm 0.30 to 10 mm
Tolerances according to EN 10270/3

Chemical composition according to EN 10270/3

% C % Mn max % Si max % P max % S max % Cr % Ni
≤ 0.09 1.00 1.00 0.040 0.015 16 – 18 6.50-7.80

Packaging: Coil, spools and bars

Operating temperature: – 200 + 300°C max.

Heat treatment after coiling:
TEMPERATURE: 450/480° for 30min /1h

Mechanical properties
Elasticity E: longitudinal state of supply N/mm² 190.000, after heat treatment N/mm² 200.000
Elasticity G: transverse state of supply N/mm² 73.000, after heat treatment N/mm² 78.000

EN 10270/3 stainless steel wire resistance table



  • Steel is intended for the aerospace, petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries, energy, food and cryogenic industry. Springs and components with high hardness and elasticity, good corrosion resistance and resistance to high temperatures and deformation.


  • EN 10270/3
  • X7CrNiAl 17-7 (PH)

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