Drawn annealed steel 52SiCrNi5


Quality: Drawn annealed spheroidal 52SiCrNi5

Diameter: from mm 4.00 to 28.00
Diameter tolerance h9

Heat treatment:
HARDENING: 850°/870° in oil
The pieces should be held into the wave to the temperature, according to the diameter (at least 10/12 mins.) in order to allow the austenitizing process

TEMPERING (stress relieving): 400°/460°
The pieces have to keep on the temperature at least 30 minutes and until to a maximum of two hours.

Chemical composition:

UNI % C max % Mn max % Si % P max % S max % Cr % Ni
52SiCrNi5 0.49-0.56 0.70-0.90 1.20-1.50 0.035 0.035 0.70-1.00 0.50-0.70

Results after tempering:
T.S. N/mm²: 1600/1800
Yield N/mm² %: 1350
A min. %: 5

Packaging: Coil and bars



  • Springs
  • High stress torsion bars


  • UNI 52SiCrNi5
  • On demand : 50CrV4
  • UNI 3545/80

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